Network Spinal Analysis, or NSA, is an important and groundbreaking development in health care and is associated with long-term benefits in health, emotional state and quality of life.



Network Spinal Analysis taps into the body’s innate capacity to heal and teaches the brain and body better ways to release tension held in the spine, bones and muscles, while improving the efficiency of the nervous system. The result is an astounding increase in wellness: physical, emotional and mental.

NSA empowers patients to take their health into their own hands, as they learn to tune into their body’s needs, and use their physical and energetic resources to sustain a life of wellness.

The result is patients being able to heal what had seemed impossible to heal before.

I am experiencing a distinct improvement in mental alertness, and a huge improvement in my long and short term memory. I have more energy and sleep better.
— Ruth L, Longtime Practice Member


NSA can help people with many different symptoms and conditions, including

• physical pain • back pain • neck pain • headaches and migraines • stiffness • arthritis • disc problems and degeneration  • chronic fatigue • lowered immunity • fibromyalgia • emotional distress • anxiety • whiplash • digestive disorders • sore and weak muscles • sciatica • bad posture • and much more

NSA not only relieves pain and symptoms, it revitalizes your life. As patients tune into their body and emotions, there is little in their lives not affected. We see many people whose only goal is to increase their quality of life. Our practice members report improvements to:

• mental clarity • peace of mind • ability to make effective changes in life • less stress • less moodiness • less depression • increased energy • interest in maintaining a health lifestyle • creativity • ability to concentrate and stay on task • positive feelings about self • ability to listen to your intuition • confidence when dealing with adversity • compassion and understanding towards others • better decision making • and more